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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Bedroom Makeover That Worth an IPhone!!!

im not lying but thats the truth. so ive made some redecoration to a space which was once our living room turned into a prayer room & now transformed into my bedroom. so lets check out the bedroom makeover transformation pictures first & see if the money ive spent which very much could afford an IPhone worth it or not

Personal fitting space behind the divider shelves :)

Mini office & the rest was nothing much :p

so what i did was, some minor wiring, walls & floor repainting (shellac for the wood walls & floor to be exact)and home sewn curtains (by my mom). for the furniture, ive done some survey before i bought them, go for display set & last stock item to get good deals & of course more negotiation, u know the power of bargaining. haha, same goes with the lighting. so yeah in the end the toal cost somewhat enough to buy an IPhone 6s Plus 64GB. so yeah i might not be able to get my dream phone just yet, but i got a whole new bedroom for myself. so perhaps i just have to wait for IPhone 7 then :p

so anyway here are some simple tips to consider when doing a bedroom makeover (some i dont even really follow actually.. hahaha)


1. How to maximize the use of space?
For big space, instead of putting so many things in a single space, go for bigger things like bigger furniture. u dont want too much things going on that could turn out looking crowded, cramped & messy while they actually dont. use divider for a better control over the use of space, & go for shelves like divider instead of a screen so u can utilize the use of the divider instead of just having them there like a block.

For small space, go for multi function furniture & minimize ur design. go for one look & do consider the size of the furniture. always plan and measure the space u got before u go to shop for furniture cause u dont wanna buy stuff that couldnt even fit in ur space.

2. How to hang curtains?
Always hang them higher up to the ceiling or maybe 3 inches from the ceiling to get the effect of a higher ceiling & it actually looks better too. but if you dont really mind about getting that effect, hang them at least 5 inches above your window. Do not hang them exactly on top of the window. Ever!

3. How to hang ceiling lamps?
The best height for a free space would be 7 feet from the floor because usual people usually only be around 5 - 6 feet tall so 7 feet would be the ideal height. u still could go for 8 feet from the floor but dont go too high because u dont wanna waste the beauty of the lamp. plus, ur lamps would look bigger if it hang lower. if u got table under the lamp, then thats a totally different story, u should calculate the height of the lamp from the table top instead of the floor. usual height would be around 3 feet from the table top but depends on ur table type, size & shape. for bigger table, the lamp could go a lil bit lower but not too low for sure

4. How to get ideas on the design?
Having difficult time on getting ideas for the design a.k.a designers block? instead of just watching photos in the internet, u should go to furniture shops to get inspired. Some furniture that u like @ much better if u love would probably help to inspire u how to incorporate those things in ur space. besides it would be easier in the next step on buying them instead of getting inspiration from thousands of pictures in the internet cause u gonna have the urge to look for that kind of furniture uve seen in the pics & limit ur option. u should be inspired by things u can get & u can afford instead of things u cant find @ could possibly be out of ur budget. yes u may use pictures as inspiration but dont let urself stick too much on that specific design. be more open & creative on making changes

5. How to cut cost or minimize ur budget?
Easy, DIY!!! theres so many things u can get with minimum cost by doing it urself. may take time & effort but if u are pretty handy & patience to do them, u probably would end up more satisfying than having people doing them for u. on getting supplies, take time to survey stuff in homestore & hardware store. even convenience store sometimes offer better price for some stuff. same goes to furniture. survey some different shops from small to medium & bigger scale furniture shops. but usually local shop would have a more flexible rate & negotiable price compared to big scale shops like franchise which usually have a fixed price for their goods. medium sized shop usually offer better price compared to small shops though. & always check the goods before buying. check for stock & if ur buying the display set @ last stock item, ask for lower price & check for damages even the minor 1 to bargain for more discount. lol. so yeah to get better stuff at better price, all u need is patience & effort. so good luck :)

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