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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Bedroom Makeover That Worth an IPhone!!!

im not lying but thats the truth. so ive made some redecoration to a space which was once our living room turned into a prayer room & now transformed into my bedroom. so lets check out the bedroom makeover transformation pictures first & see if the money ive spent which very much could afford an IPhone worth it or not

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Manila Trip & Our First Encounter :)

Oh my gah! seriouly i have left this blog since like forever isnt it? first of all, its not what i intend to do, but just happened. why? how come? anyway just a quick update, i am currently teaching in SK Sungai Tau, Selangau since March 2013. The school is located in an interior area of Sarawak. You can check out our school official facebook page HERE. But just so you know, we dont have any internet connection there (zero, nada!) and the phone receptions are very poor, so that very much explained my absent from the internet world. LOL. but hey thats maybe just an excuse right. i guess the fact that its really hard for me to get online when im there just made me lost my interest of blogging and even facebooking and all. seriously :(

so another quick update, ive made myself a backpacker and did travel here and there, so far just to the neighboring countries like Thailand  (Phuket), Cambodia (Siem Reap) and the latest one on last September, ive gone to Bali, Indonesia. but there was one trip which was very memorable & the one i wanted to share with u guys which is my backpacking trip to Manila, Philippines. & guess what, i finally met my best friend Jay in person! yay! so for all who does not know, we actually been online friends since 2007 via friendster (that was the most in social network by that time am i right?) but only by December 2013 we have finally met eye to eye. what a history. LOL. so anyway thanks a lot to my very best friend Jay who have been a very good guide and company during my 4 days visit.

our 1st pic together!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lets D.I.Y - My "NEW" Gorgeous Portfolio Folder

ok first of all i'm so sorry if you got me wrong by the's not actually D.I.Y of making a new gorgeous portfolio folder but recycling or should i say transforming an old one to look like new? hehe..sometimes you need to check out some old stuff which could possibly be fixed cause you'll never know what you have been i right? for example this old folder which was actually an old direct selling catalog..

the old rusty catalog

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